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January 2013


ePIC 2013
8-9-10 July


Editorial Europortfolio, a contribution to building the 21st century learning and employment landscape

    Call for contributions for ePIC 2013, Open Me, the 11th International ePortfolio & Identity Conference, 8-9-10 July 2013, London

    About Europorfolio

    Partner Events

    • 30 June - 5 July 2013, Heraklion, Greece,  Summer School: TraIning teachers in competence based education
    • 29 July - 1 August, 2013: Call for proposals for the 2013 AAEEBL Annual ePortfolio Conference


    Europortfolio a contribution to building the 21st century learning and employment landscape

    Europortfolio 2003
    Europortfolio 2003 vision!

    31 January  2103 is an important date for the learning community: it marks a new start for Europortfolio* with a 3 year project sponsored by the European Commission. The objective is to mobilise and expand the ePortfolio community to contribute towards the emergence of the 21st century learning and employment landscape.

    While the number of ePortfolio initiatives continue to grow and evolve, e.g. increased participation of employers (a subject that will be developed in a next newsletter) and the emergence of initiatives such as Open Badges, many of the challenges we faced 10 years ago are still  present:

    • Fragmentation of information: where do you go to find relevant and up-to-date information on ePortfolio actors, initiatives, practices and technologies?
    • Fragmentation of actors: where do the learning and employment professionals meet to share, learn and become leaders?
    • Fragmentation of initiatives: where do the leaders of ePortfolio projects go to find the resources to co-ordinate their initiatives across disciplines, institutions and sectors, at local, regional, national and international levels?
    • Fragmentation of technologies: where are the technologies we need to create a seamless infrastructure for ePortfolios across institutions and sectors, so that individuals will be fully autonomous with a lifelong and lifewide learning and employment ePortfolio.

    As a response to these challenges, Europortfolio will be working towards the creation of a community of ePortfolio and identity professionals. To initiate and keep that community alive, a number of tools, will be produced (c.f. news below), starting with an information portal, a place where you will be able to find everything you ever wanted to know about ePortfolios — and didn't dare to ask! Starting with 10 years of ePIC proceedings, we will be curating worldwide existing sources of information relative to ePortfolio. The information will be presented in a format that will make it easy to search and access, e.g. find all the ePortfolio initiatives, tools, professionals in relation to employment in a specific region; find all the projects where a specific tool has been used, etc.. This will be the first step towards the creation of a lively learning community portal.

    Even if we plan to work hard, there is only so much the initial Europortfolio partners and associate partners will be able to achieve on their own: we will need more correspondents, curators, editors and community leaders. We will also need more associate partners to make tangible the project of transforming the 21st century learning and employment landscape. During the following weeks, this newsletter will keep you informed on how you can join and benefit from this initiative.

    ePIC 2013 will also be an important milestone for Europortfolio as the conference will welcome the first public meeting of the Europortfolio community. Despite having little more than six months ahead of us, I am sure that we will be able to show a number of very interesting results.

    It is a very positive way for ADPIOS to kick-start 2013. We wish you too a very good year 2013!

                                                                             Serge Ravet, ADPIOS, Europortfolio

    * A first version of Europorfolio was launched by EIfEL after the first ePortfolio conference in with the objective to provide an ePortfolio to all by 2010! (c.f. poster)

      London, 8-9-10 July 2013

      ePIC 2013 Call for Contributions - Open Me!






      Open Badges

      International Journal of ePortfolio


       The organisers of the 11th ePortfolio and Identity Conference, Open Me! invite practitioners and researchers to submit contributions in relation to:

      • open ePortfolio and open badges
      • open identity and open data
      • open learning and open educational resources
      • open assessment and open accreditation
      • open employment and open business
      • open architecture and open infrastructure

      Key conference questions, in relation to ePortfolio and identity, may include (but are not limited to):

      • How to support individual and community learning?
      • How to contribute to the identity construction process?
      • How to facilitate the recognition and accreditation learning?
      • How to support lifelong learning, orientation and employability?
      • How to support the acquisition of 21st century skills?
      • How to create an ePortfolio architecture and infrastructure?


      • Initial Education —ePortfolio from kindergarten to further and higher education
      • Employability, Organisational and Lifelong Learning —ePortfolio from employees to self-employed and entrepreneurs
      • Healthcare Education and Practice —ePortfolio from patients to healthcare professionals (special track)
      • Assessment, Accreditation and Recognition —knowledge, skills and attitudes
      • Policies  —ePortfolio and identity initiatives from a single institution to a whole country
      • Identity Construction — ePortfolio, social networks, web 2.0
      • Technologies —ePortfolio platforms, system architectures and standards
      • Open Badges — making learning and competencies visible and discoverable (special track)

      Important dates for the Call for Contributions

      11 March
      Deadline for abstracts submission
      15 April Authors notification of acceptance*
      10 June
      Deadline for the submission of draft long/short papers
      8-9-10 July
      30 August
      Deadline for final version submission
      Publication of the proceeding

      * Once accepted as presenters, authors need to register as presenter in order to be included in the programme.

      Social Networking


      About Europortfolio



      The aim of Europortfolio is to contribute to the realisation of a European area for lifelong learning, using ePortfolios as a means to support reflective learning and practice as well as transparency and trust across all the actors involved in education and employment. This will be achieved by organising the community of European ePortfolio experts and practitioners with the support of a Learning Community Portal as a space to publish, share and review data and resources on ePortfolio practices and technologies.

      In co-operation with leading experts and practitioners from Europe and beyond, the project will achieve:

      • a network of ePortfolio experts and professionals;
      • an inventory of ePortfolio initiatives, practices and technologies;
      • an ePortfolio Framework to guide and support the implementation of ePortfolio initiatives;
      • a Maturity Matrix to review and plan future developments of ePortfolio projects; and
      • Open Educational Resources (OER) to support the learning of the ePortfolio community

      The Europortfolio Portal will act as a gateway to prompt and support further ePortfolio initiatives in Europe and share the lessons learnt to improve the outcomes of further projects. The Network of ePortfolio experts and practitioners will ensure the most recent findings on ePortfolios are shared and made accessible to all, in particular the practitioners, researchers,  decision makers and education leaders.

      A link to the Europortfolio portal will be provided soon.

      Europortfolio Partners

      1. University of Zagreb, Croatia
      2. ADPIOS, France
      3. Centre for Recording Achievement, Lancashire, UK
      4. AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland
      5. Danube University Krems, Austria
      6. University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
      7. Open University of Catalonia, Spain
      8. TLT Group, USA

      Europortfolio Associated Partners

      1. Estonian Information Technology Foundation (EITF), Estonia
      2. University of Augsburg, Germany
      3. University Macerata, Italy
      4. Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania
      5. S.C. FiaTest S.R.L., Romania
      6. Moscow State University of Economics, Russia
      7. University of Kragujevac, Serbia
      8. University of Maribor, Slovenia
      9. Servicio de Desarrollo Profesional y Formación, Spain
      10. Universitat de València, Spain
      11. University of Teacher Education St.Gallen, Switzerland
      12. PaperFree EPortfolio Solutions Ltd., United Kingdom
      13. Sherston Software Ltd, United Kingdom
      14. Learning Light Limited, United Kingdom
      15. Balkan Distance Education Network (BADEN), Serbia
      16. Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland
      17. University of Lisbon, Portugal
      18. Rutledge Recruitment and Training, Ireland

      Partner News & Events

      30 June - 5 July 2013, Heraklion, Greece, Summer School: TraIning teachers in competence based education

      The objective of the Summer School is to have a positive impact on the development of students’ transversal competences, such as creativity, collaboration, and effective communication skills by promoting the use of real world authentic learning activities and immersing participants in a unique collection of co-constructed open educational resources (OER).

      Throughout the duration of the course teachers will be handled in three different modes:
      a) as learners participating in authentic learning activities;
      b) as teachers implementing and assessing competence based/holistic approaches in their classes; and
      c) as researchers collecting, examining and interpreting data about their practice and their students’ learning.

      The Summer School is organised by Ellinogermaniki Agogi and hosted by the University of Crete, in the context of the project TRANSIt.

      More information            Summerschools' Brochure          Contact


      The ePortfolio Field Coming of Age: Knowledge, Research and Practice

      Call for proposals for the 2013 AAEEBL Annual ePortfolio Conference

      July 29 - August 1, 2013, Boston, MA, USA - Hynes Convention Center

      The eportfolio community is a major global learning movement. The use of electronic portfolios, as learning spaces, is roughly in its tenth year and, in honor of this anniversary, the 2013 Annual AAEEBL Conference in Boston highlights the phrase "Coming of Age." Therefore, this CFP invites proposals about using eportfolios to encourage deeper and more learner-centered practices. Six conference tracks represent a wide array of possibilities for sharing and discussing a multiplicity of eportfolio topics from start-ups to the latest innovations:

      • Practice: Teaching and Learning with ePortfolios
      • Transitions: ePortfolios, Employability and Support of Change
      • Research and Scholarship: Evaluating and Documenting the Effectiveness of ePortfolios
      • Assessment: Using ePortfolios to Learn about Student Learning
      •  Portfolio Start-Ups: First Steps and Beyond
      • What's New? Open Learning and Alternative Credentialing for ePortfolios

      Dates to Note

      AAEEBL invites proposals for The ePortfolio Field Coming of Age: Knowledge, Research and Practice from October 18, 2012 through February 18, 2013. Proposers may expect to receive notifications of session acceptance by March 25, 2013

      Online registration is expected to open in March, 2013 -- Registration fees for the conference include an early-bird discount applicable to all registrants plus a substantial discount of $200 per person for the first three registrants from AAEEBL member institutions, up to a total discount of $600. (Wondering if your institution is a member of AAEEBL? Find out.)

      2013 AAEEBL Annual ePortfolio Conference landing page

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