ePiC 2014 Call for Contributions Open

ePIC 2014

Evidence-Based Learning

How digital technologies transform the way
we collect, organise, visualise and exploit evidence to inform future learning

ePIC 2014, the 12th international ePortfolio and Identity Conference, is inviting authors to submit research papers, case studies, work in progress, position papers, workshops and posters in relation to Evidence-Based Learning.

Evidence-Based Learning covers two different and complementary perspectives:

  1. Evidence-Based Learning in the sense of Evidence Based Practice as pioneered in the field of medicine and psychology.
  2. Evidence-Based Learning to explore the wealth of new types of evidence at our disposal to lead and transform the learning experience.


The emergence of Open Badges, xAPI, Learning Analytics, MOOCs and Open Data challenges our current understanding of the potential of digital technologies to support and enhance learning, in particular ePortfolios as tools to collect, organise, interpret and make sense of evidence collected during the learning process:

  • Open Badges offer the opportunity to generate trustworthy credentials that can be used to validate and further enrich ePortfolios, learning and work experiences.
  • xAPI offers the opportunity generate and collect an infinite amount of data in relation to learning processes (and beyond).
  • InLOC (Integrating Learning Outcomes and Competences) offers the opportunity to establish a common framework to represent competencies across ePortfolios, Open badges and xAPI statements.
  • Open Data offers the opportunity to make accessible the wealth of data generated during learning (and beyond)  to encourage innovation and the generation of new services.
  • Learning Analytics offers the opportunity for individuals and organisations to make sense of the vast collection of data at our disposal to plan, reflect on and explore possible learning scenarios.


To take into account the transformation of the technology landscape on which current ePortfolio initiatives are being built, authors are invited to address the following issues:

  • Evidence: how wide is the range of evidence we can collect to plan, support, assess and improve learning processes, as individual learners, professional educators, education leaders, employers and policy makers?
  • Collection: what are the methods and technologies at our disposal to collect this possible wider range of evidence?
  • Trust: how to insure and verify the validity of evidence collected?
  • Visualisation: how to represent collections of evidence to make informed decisions?
  • Interpretation: how good are we at making sense of this range of evidence? How can we improve it?
  • Practice : how the answers to the preceding questions should impact professional practice?
  • Technologies : how the answers to the preceding questions should impact ePortfolio and ePortfolio-related technologies?

Open ePortfolios, Open Badges, Open Credentials, Open Identities, Open Data and Learning Analytics will be amongst the key discussions at ePIC 2014


All submissions will be peer-reviewed by three members of the programme committee. After acceptation of abstracts, authors will be invited to register as presenter and submit a short/long paper that will be  reviewed to be published in the ePIC 2014 proceedings under ISBN 978-2-9540144-4-9.

NB: the submission and review process is divided into 2 steps: abstracts are reviewed to select presentations for the conference, while papers are reviewed after the conference to select the contents of the proceedings. This 2 step process is designed to encourage authors to use the conference to get feedback from peers to finalise their papers.


Important dates for the Call for Contributions


3 March
Deadline for submission of abstracts

31 March

Authors notification of acceptance*
9 June
Deadline for the submission of long/short papers
9-10-11 July
30 August
Deadline for the submission of the final version of the short/long papers
Publication of the proceedings

* Once abstracts accepted, authors need to register as presenter in order to be included in the conference's programme.

More information on the call: www.epforum.eu/call