ePIC 2012 Call for Contributions Open

The call for contributions for the 10th International ePortfolio and Identity Conference (ePIC 2012) is open. The conference will take place in London, 9-10-11 July 2012 and, after Boston 2011, will host the second ePortfolio World Summit.

The conference provides a forum where researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, teachers, trainers, human resource managers and technologists can discuss theoretical and practical aspects in the planning, design, implementation and impact of ePortfolio and identity programmes, applications and services. Past events have resulted in transnational projects, contributions to policies and standards, networks and partnerships as well as numerous publications.

    International Journal of Clinical Skills

    A special track is dedicated to healthcare education and practice. Proceedings for healthcare track will be published in the International Journal of Clinical Skills (IJOCS)

    Call for contributions

    Authors are invited to address issues in relation to:

        • development of lifelong learner / professional / citizen identity;
        • integrative learning and holistic development;
        • individual / community /organisational ePortfolios and identities development; distributed communities of practice:
        • continuing professional development and sustainable employability;
            • assessment, recognition and accreditation of learning (formal, informal, lifelong and life-wide).

          Key conference questions may include, (but are not limited to):

          • Should everybody (individuals, communities and organisations) have an ePortfolio?
          • How do individual and organisational ePortfolios (and identity) relate?
          • How do ePortfolios contribute to the identity construction process?
          • How do ePortfolios support the acquisition of 21st century skills?
          • How do ePortfolios support lifelong learning, orientation and employability?
          • How do ePortfolios support integrative learning?
          • How to develop the recognition and accreditation of prior Experience and learning (APEL) ?
          • How can we make ePortfolios interoperable?
          • How do ePortfolios, Personal Learning Environments and Personal Working Environments relate?
          • How can we make effective an ‘business case’ to those funding eportfolio provision when resources are restricted?

          Conference Tracks

          1. Initial Education —ePortfolio from kindergarten to further and higher education
          2. Employability, Organisational and Lifelong Learning —ePortfolio from employees to self-employed and entrepreneurs
          3. Healthcare Education and Practice —ePortfolio from patients to healthcare professionals (special track)
          4. Assessment, Accreditation and Recognition —knowledge, skills and attitudes
          5. ePortfolio and Identity Policies —ePortfolio implementation from a single institution to a whole country
          6. Technologies  —ePortfolio platforms, system architectures and standards
          7. Identity — ePortfolio, social networks, web 2.0 and identity construction